Owl & Ore Wealth Planning is a Fee Only Financial Advisory practice, supporting clients through all phases of financial life. Specializing in multi-generational wealth planning, retirement income planning and gifting, we work with entire families to help every generation reach their personal financial goals.  Whether you have one or many financial goals and need help deciphering your options, Owl & Ore can help you navigate the financial decision making process.


Owl & Ore Wealth Planning promotes the fiduciary responsibility of financial planners and is a proud member of the National Association of Personal Financial Advisors and XY Planning Network.  Owl & Ore is also part of the Fee Only Network.

As a fee only only firm service fees are transparent and easy to understand.  Choose the relationship you wish to have with your planner and all prices will be discussed and accepted upfront, before any agreement is signed.  No new or hidden fees will be realized by the client during the relationship.

Mountain Lake


Greg Gorski, CFP


With 15 years of financial planning experience, Greg prides himself as a financial fiduciary who enjoys educating clients on the topics that make financial success easier to obtain.  His goal is to help his clients define and understand their goals so they can identify what needs to be done to achieve them.  By doing the heavy lifting for clients, they are able to spend less time thinking about money and more time on the things that make them happy.


Greg is a New England transplant who resides in Walnut Creek, CA with his wife Becca, daughter Caitlin and son Theo.  When not spending time with family, friends or clients, Greg can be found taking part in all forms of competitive activity, from board games to team sports - or spending time in the kitchen developing his next culinary treat.


The financial planning process begins with a series of meetings that allow the potential client to understand how financial planning works, what can be expected in the first few years and how the planning process transforms from a generalized concept to a very hands-on, client focused, personalized service.


The first year of financial planning consists of four general stages:

- 1 -



  • Discuss your financial goals and concerns

  • Prioritize your goals

  • Develop an understanding of what finances mean to you

  • Learn how financial planning plays a role in reaching your goals

- 2 -



  • Review your financial resources

  • Discuss your cash flow and financial habits

  • Consider ways to maximize income and cash flow

  • Discover areas of opportunity

- 3 -



  • Determine strategies to help make goals more obtainable

  • Discuss solutions to financial shortfalls and relevant tasks needed to reach a satisfactory result

  • Collaborate to determine the most comfortable methods to complete financial tasks

  • Determine the roles all involved parties will take to complete financial tasks


- 4 -



  • Regular meetings to review tasks and progress on financial strategies

  • Discuss progress of strategies and be proactive on making necessary changes

  • Adjust plan to accommodate changes in life, changes to goals or changes to financial climates

  • Plan accordingly as you transition from one stage of your financial life to the next