Blue Sky Financial Group Year in Review, 2015:  Thank you, everyone!

As I give this year-end review for Blue Sky Financial in 2015, I confess that this summary is essentially a big ‘Thank You!’ Thank you to everyone who has helped me grow this practice throughout the year. 2015 was the first year where every new client came to me via introduction from a current client, friend or family member.

My goal has always been to develop a 100% referral based practice, allowing me to maximize my time working directly with clients and prospects. I can't voice enough how appreciative I am of anyone who trusts me enough to introduce me to someone they care about. I am honored by the opportunity.

In 2015 I added 17 new financial planning clients to the Blue Sky Financial family. Planning began for future retirement, home purchases, college education and dreams of business startups. It was truly a year of new beginnings.

Unfortunately, the market showed an underwhelming performance, which simply proves the necessity of financial planning and it's value in bringing your goals to fruition despite a challenging economic environment.

My practice also expanded geographically, as a large number of new clients came from north of the Martinez-Benicia Bridge. The influx of clients in that area has me considering opening a second office in Benicia. That decision would be dependent on a number of factors, so stay tuned in 2016...

I am very pleased with Blue Sky’s growth, excited for the upcoming year and look forward to meeting and helping the people who are important to you. My goal is to take on at least 12 additional planning clients in 2016. I continue to focus my attention on personal referrals to meet this goal, so I thank you all in advance for your support.

In 2015 personal news, as many of you know, the Gorski family moved from Oakland to Walnut Creek. It was a move Becca and I had been planning to make eventually, and we are so pleased that we decided to take the leap sooner than anticipated. Caitlin misses being close to her Oakland friends (as do we), but she has acclimated wonderfully to her new school and suburbanite surroundings. Theo has found that the change in scenery has in no way affected his ability to cause chaos.

So with 2015 nearly behind us and 2016 ahead, I hope that every one of you had as productive and happy a year as I had the fortunate pleasure to enjoy. And I wish you nothing but the best for your 2016 plans.

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