Getting up on my soapbox for yet another take on the election.  Or, another fool arguing with a wall

This post will focus solely on the economics of politics and not the social aspects (I have limited time). First let me lay my political leanings on the table. I do not consider myself a Democrat or a Republican. If I had to define my political ideology I would say that I am an extremist centrist who feels the federal government has a finite number of responsibilities and should avoid overreaching their duties.

On the federal level I always vote for 'status quo', as I like always having a fair understanding of which way the wind is blowing. I was as surprised as anyone about the election results two weeks ago, but despite my surprise (and confusion) I didn't feel much in the way of dread or despair (again, only regarding the economy). I will forever be impressed with our founding father's brilliance when creating a system that is so loaded with competitive entities that the progress of big government is slow and clumsy. While there are obvious changes that needed to be and have been made since the country's inception, for the most part the federal government is a system of preventing those in power from having to much ability to govern.

While people may complain that Congress never gets anything done, I think that is a good thing. There is a benefit to the general population to have a government that will never have the ability to be so productive it would have the ability to alter the general American way of life too drastically or too quickly.

Now there will certainly be hurdles that are raised or lowered from one administration to the next in the form of tax codes, regulations, poor economic policy and even sexism and racism. But the glory of this country is that there is no single path to success, and with hard work no one is truly excluded from these paths. They key is be proactive and adaptable to change. Conversely, indifference and malaise is a recipe for failure. Never accept that the government is preventing you from accomplishing your financial goals. Success will always be 99% in your control.

The first chore is to 'know thyself'. How will your industry be affected by the changes in government and society both short term and long term? How about the employee and social benefits you depend on? Is it time to invest in a new job skill(s) or consider a variation of your current career? Is it time to skip a vacation or big ticket purchase to build up an emergency fund? Should you delay your goals or realize them sooner? Unfortunately, not all journeys take a nice pretty path to get to the destination, but with good foresight and proper planning no path should just end.

Second, accept the system in place and use it to your advantage. The benefit of living in this country in this era is that there is an infinite amount of available information. Nobody has an excuse for not knowing upcoming policy changes and how various policies will affect you. If there are changes in the pipeline that can be a disadvantage to your plans you have the ability to give yourself plenty of time to prepare accordingly. This applies to entities on all levels of your life (e.g. government, business, family, etc.).

There are already known policies of the next administration I think will be beneficial, if only for a short period. Lower taxes benefit savers and investor and lower corporate taxes have the chance to increase corporate earnings (and in turn stock prices). Conversely, I am concerned that a policy of high tariffs can hinder the benefit of a strong dollar and lead to high inflation (a reason to lock in current loan interest rates, perhaps?).

And never worry about the market's reaction to elections. The long term market returns don't care about a four year presidential term. While it is certainly not a straight line, the markets have always gone in one direction. The short term market returns don't care about anything and only function to prove all predictions wrong (mine included).

In short, understand and accept that your success and progress in life can and should be independent of the events and actions of government. Don't wait for the government, or your candidate of choice, to help you get to where you want to be. Always be agile enough to keep the government from ever preventing you from achieving your personal success when 'the other guy' wins. There will never be a single election result, or administration change, that would cause enough change and conflict that your dreams are dashed for good. This includes the most recent election or any election in the future.

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