Mountain Lake

Tools and wisdom for a bright financial future

​Specializing in Legacy Planning and Inherited Wealth


A fee only financial planning firm, working with your growing family to help every generation reach their

financial goals and provide financial support to the people and groups you care about

Serving the Bay Area and beyond.

Financial planning is a long term process. Owl & Ore works with clients who fall into every phase of financial life.

  • Newlyweds and Working Parents

  • Business Owners building a brand

  • Individuals saving for Education Goals

  • Individuals saving for Housing Goals

  • Savers working towards Financial Independence


Compass & Map
  • Lifelong Workers planning the perfect ‘Exit Plan’

  • Business Owners developing Business Succession plans

  • Individuals looking for their ideal Retirement Scenario

  • Savers creating Income Strategies from retirement assets

  • Empty Nesters planning to Downsize or Relocate


Enjoying Sunset
  • Individuals wanting to Maximize Social Security and Pension Benefits

  • Lifetime Savers looking to increase chances of their Assets Outlasting Retirement

  • Retirees interested in Protecting Assets from Health Care Expenses and/or Estate Transfer Taxes


Happy Family
  • Individuals who want to help their adult children with financial goals

  • Grandparents who want to Help Grandchildren get a head start on life goals

  • Charitable Individuals who want to experience the joy of gifting

  • Matriarchs and Patriarchs wanting to maximize Multi-Generational Wealth Transfer